March 2024 Funding Highlights

Climate Tech Funding: A $2.8 Bn surge in climate tech with a ~50% investment in E-Mobility, showcasing global strides towards sustainability.


In March 2024, climate tech investments reached $2.8 Bn, with a focus on E-Mobility, which captured ~50% of the funding across 28 rounds. Leading the global push towards sustainability were China and the U.S., while India secured the 6th position. Key players such as IM Motors and Sunfire are at the forefront of E-Mobility and Renewable Energy, shaping the future of environmental technology. This surge in funding, particularly in E-Mobility and Renewable Energy, signifies a critical shift towards sustainable innovation. The E-Mobility sector in India saw an impressive 42% YoY growth in EV sales in FY2024, with 1.67 Mn units registered. As we delve into these advancements, let us join the ongoing discussion on climate resilience.