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We at 'The Climate Guys' are a passionate group of climate advocates dedicated to curating and disseminating the latest insights in climate technology, exploring exciting frontiers in investment and innovation, and sharing the visionary perspectives of climate-driven entrepreneurs and investors.

Global Climate Tech Sector

$276 Bn+

Investments in last 5 years

$7.3 Bn+

Investments in last 5 years


Companies Funded in last 5 years


Companies Funded in last 5 years

Indian Climate Tech Sector

Join our network to invest in climate tech in India and South East Asia. Collaborate on research, access exclusive clean tech insights, and connect with impactful startups. Dive into a diverse portfolio of sustainable investments and contribute to a greener future. Explore opportunities with us today!

Join our community of climate tech collaborators! If you’re passionate about sustainability, this is your chance to engage with experts, entrepreneurs, and mentors in the field. Our platform provides resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to immerse you in the climate tech ecosystem. Let's collaborate to drive sustainable change for a better future!